TAMtalks with Stuart

What exactly is TAMtalking?

TAMtalking exists for those people who have 'fallen through the net' in a service so damaged by underfunding and private profiteering that it can no longer provide for them, no matter how much the mental health professionals in their area would like to. It is most definitely not intended as a means to further privatise NHS services. The message then, is clear...

If you are able to get what you need in your area via the NHS then please do so. The government is looking to cut NHS provision all the time and under-used services are always likely to be cut, or given over into private hands which increasingly means the same thing for those of us not wealthy enough to pay.

That's all very well but what exactly is TAMtalking?

TAMtalking is an online service designed to provide people with a fighting chance to deal with their problems. TAMtalking isn't nursing and it's not psychological therapy. Neither is it counselling or coaching. Rather it's a blend of all these disciplines and more, using the ideas and principles of modern therapy and traditional philosophies of the ancients. The acronym TAM stands for Traditional and Modern to reflect this unique perspective.

When you join Stuart for a TAMtalking you'll cover a wide range of strategies and disciplines in a way that's tailored for your particular problems. We won't need to worry about which regional funding boxes to tick or the bias inherent in your local service commissioner's portfolio. The only aim is to help you to overcome or to manage the problems you face.

Below is a 'face to face' example of a typical session. 'Mary' discusses guilt and feelings of responsibility when others take offence - even when she didn't mean any harm.


How TAMtalking works

TAMtalking for most people will be a completely online service. You can access it from your personal computer, laptop or smartphone from your own home or indeed, anywhere with a reliable internet signal. Just book a session in the online store and leave your skype address and Email in the checkout information box. Stuart will send you a confirmatory Email and contact you over Skype at the appointed time.

Conflicts of interest

TAMtalks exist to fill a gap left by underfunding and stealth privatisation of the NHS. They are not generally intended as an alternative where NHS help is available.

For that reason Stuart will not continue to work with anyone who is 'on the books' of an NHS mental health service in which he currently has a contract.  This does not affect other services although, ideally if you have access to NHS treatment elsewhere you may wish to save your money and terminate your TAMtalks anyway. This is almost always at your discretion. It would usually be unethical for Stuart to terminate a contract because of NHS treatment where there was no conflict of interest. 

It would be helpful for you to grant Stuart permission to speak with your NHS care team. There is no obligation to consent to your NHS team providing information to Stuart although this would also be helpful from time to time.

Since Stuart only takes one locum contract at a time this is unlikely to be an issue for all but a very small minority of people.



TAMtalking will uphold confidentiality at all times. However - it's important to understand that confidentiality doesn't mean secrecy - it means 'need to know'.

Stuart reserves the right to contact your local emergency services (ambulance, police) if it becomes clear that your life is in danger or that you are likely to harm another person. This is especially so should a child be in danger.

This is a legal responsibility and is not negotiable. 

Records will be kept electronically and on paper and TAMtalking sessions will be recorded for your protection and for Stuart's. These recordings will be kept confidential as described above.

The process

The first TAMtalk or two will be about getting to know you and your issues, your social situation, the problems you face and the strengths you have that we can build upon. Together we'll come up with a 'formulation', an explanation of how you came to have the problems you have and what things can be changed to begin making things better for you.

Then, we'll agree on how best to begin, where to start and construct a tailor made plan for you and your needs. We'll also identify specific things to look out for that we can use to track your progress, to set goals and to devise ways to achieve them.

Recovery from distress can come quickly or it can take time. Generally, long-standing issues are dealt with by a succession of little steps - and if we plan it properly, it's always possible to take one more, little step.

That's the golden rule with TAMtalking - the 6P rule...

Proper Planning Prevents Particularly Poor Performance.