Webinar 7pm 12/5/2021: Recovery from serious and enduring mental disorder

Join us for this 1 hour long live webinar on recovery from serious and enduring mental disorder. (SEMI). Explore the meaning of recovery from different perspectives (there's more to mental health than medicine, after all) and consider how you might help your patients/service-users to achieve it.

This webinar is ideal for students, support workers, carers and those with their own mental health diagnoses. The presenter is Stuart Sorensen, a practicing mental health nurse for over 25 years and an experienced tutor, speaker and lecturer. Stuart has experience of working in health and social care environments with a wide variety of populations to draw upon in his interactive webinars.

Simply purchase your place on the webinar, make sure you leave us your Email address and you'll receive an Email with zoom joining details to use on the day.