Today I will meet...


Today I will meet...

Today I will meet people who are mean-spirited, hurtful, unhelpful, obstructive, malicious, vicious, rude, spiteful, dishonest, insulting and abusive. They behave this way because either they don't know any better or because they mistakenly believe that this is the way to a happy life. In truth their behaviour only brings them misery and stress.

When I meet these people I will remember these two things:

  • Be the best person I can be;
  • Be grateful that I'm not them.

No situation will ever be improved by me losing control of my emotions.

No amount of anger will bring me peace.

No amount of resentment will help me to be happy.

I may not be able to change the other person (that's beyond my control) but I don't have to make myself miserable just because they behave badly.